Up until about a month ago, there was no larger community of network operators / engineers in Ireland. Some gather together at other events, such as the INEX meetings or at UKNOF, but obviously these have limited coverage. All this and a short discussion on Twitter resulted in a few of us deciding it was high time we created a group so that we can discuss, share, teach and learn about networky things from other passionate engineers - a group that would be open to everyone.

Fast-forward to today, we held two meetings in very cool places provided to us completely free of charge (many thanks to DoSpace and Intercom) going from 5 initially to 12 at last week's second meeting.

We've set up an official website (https and dual-stack, as it is proper these days) detailing what we're about and our Code of Conduct. Communication-wise there's a Google Group set up for general discussion and a Meetup Group for announcing and RSVPing to future meetings.

To wrap up, these are our objectives (quoted from the iNOG website):

  • To build an inclusive, open, and healthy Community of Practice around all aspects of network engineering.
  • To share, learn, teach, mentor, socialize, and have fun at regular meet-ups and events.
  • To connect diverse people, groups, machines, and agents for the betterment of people and planet.
  • To promote Ireland as a hub of innovation, excellence, and a destination for emerging network sciences.

I'll leave you with a picture I took at iNOG::2 while everyone was focusing on Barry O'Donovan's very cool presentation about what INEX is about!


And, as always, thanks for reading.

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