Hello! I'm Cristian Sirbu.

I'm a network engineer and a consultant, currently based in the beautiful city of Dublin. I do love traveling and solving problems, so if I there's something I can do for you, please get in touch.

My background includes enterprise and service provider networks, operational support, L2-4 testing, coding, Linux administration and mobile telecoms. Oh and I am CCIE #43453 (woohoo! :).

I very much enjoy talking about the technologies that I work with and I (and others too!) think I'm pretty good at it, be it on this website or in real life - I've been teaching at Cisco Academies and internally in the companies I've worked for.

In August 2015 I kick-started the Ireland Network Operator Group, an inclusive, open, and healthy Community of Practice around all aspects of network engineering. It has grown to incredible numbers and really awesome meetings, which I organize together with Donal and our varied and very generous hosts (Intercom, Airbnb, Google, Workday, Facebook). Some of the story is documented here.

Aside from networky things, I love Linux and enjoy a spot of python every now and then. When it comes to music I am very picky and I can't have enough of science fiction and fantasy. I love reading, hiking, table tennis, travel, boardgames, and generally more things than I can fit in one life. But I keep trying.

This is my website and you can find the story behind its current incarnation here. Most articles will be technology related, with a heavy bias towards networking (no surprise there, huh?). It is hosted on Debian Linux, served by Nginx and generated with pelican and python.


Find me on Twitter @cmsirbu or LinkedIn or drop me a line at cs [at] trueneutral [dot] eu.

Disclaimer The serious bits.

First of all, do take everything written here with a grain of salt. While I do my best to thoroughly research the stuff I post, mistakes do happen and my view might not be the best.

I will not be held responsible for any action you take after reading my posts. There's no excuse for not verifying facts and opinions - never trust your life or your career with things you find on the Internet!

That said, I happily accept any constructive criticism and I'm open to discussions about my posts. I am continuously learning and future-me might not completely agree with everything I've written (future-me will also fix my mistakes where possible).

The content on this website represents my views and my views only - it is not linked to the opinions of past, present or potential employers.