I've always been quite minimalistic when designing this website, as to keep any distractions to a minimum: you're here to read the articles, not to swim in a sea of banners, ads and other ill placed pictures. Fear not, I'm still holding true to those principles, but I felt that it was time to improve the experience a wee bit.

Subscribing to site content. One does not simply visit a site anymore.

But I do realize that not everybody uses a feed (RSS/Atom) reader to subscribe to Internet-blabber - so you can now subscribe to receive updates via email! It's done using Mailchimp's cool and free service, but I'm quite new to this whole thing so if you find something that doesn't work please let me know.

By subscribing, you will get a notification email the night after I post something new - it's exactly the same content as in the RSS feed (in fact that's exactly what triggers it!). I won't spam you with anything else (maybe an announcement every once in a while) and unsubscribing is very simple if you really really have to.

That said, go on, subscribe already and read read read!

Sharing is caring

Every blog/news-site/you-name-it out there has share buttons, in case that post you just read simply has to make it to your favorite social media site. I avoided adding any sort of buttons before because the privacy implications of all those shiny dynamic buttons were, frankly, disgusting.

Thanks to Gregory Schier and his GitHub repo, I was able to find that API links exist that you can use to submit a post to the major social media outlets, without having to load any silly-third-party-scummy-tracking-elements (that slow down your page as well!).

You can see them at the bottom of each post, just before the comments section and they do one thing only: they open another window with some pre-defined text and a link back to the post you are reading. I modified them a bit, so you can also find my fork here.

Of course, if you liked the post you read I'd be very grateful if you spread the word so others could enjoy it as well.

And, as always, thanks for reading.

Any comments? Contact me via Mastodon or e-mail.

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