It all started a while ago with a log message found on the hub of a large DMVPN/IPSEC deployment over mobile Internet connections. Given the increasing number of deployments that use the Internet as a cheaper, faster WAN for either primary or backup, I thought it would be useful to document the problems and the two main solutions.

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I was recently watching BRKDCT-2333 - Data Center Network Failure Detection and, after going through the usual suspects - L1 (carrier loss, link signaling), L2 (LACP, UDLD, CFM/Link-OAM), L3 (protocol keepalives, BFD) - the presenter talks about BFD over EtherChannel. But not only for node protection (see below), but for link protection as well, running micro-BFD sessions on each individual EtherChannel member. After understanding how it is done, I started wondering what's the point (tangible benefit) of using this feature?

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