I've been documenting my quest to make building and destroying a local lab using NXOSv 9000 as painless as possible in part 1 and part 2. This post is pretty much the TL;DR of the series, as in the meantime I figured out the best way to run multiple instances of this image through Vagrant. So here's what I've been using for the past half year together with a few Ansible playbooks to perform some basic but very necessary tasks.

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In part one of this series we looked at starting up a couple of Nexus9000v machines using a tool called vagrant. It went OK, but we had some unfinished business. In this post we'll look at how I try to address the MAC address issues and run my first ansible playbook against this lab.

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A recent tweet caught my eye: a new version of NX-OSv was available, together with instructions on setting it up in vagrant. Very good timing too, as I'm building automation (a bit of orchestration and a lot of validation) for a couple projects including for both the 7K and the 9K flavours of NX-API and could really use a decent machine-local lab.

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