It's May 2018, on the south coast of France. Several hundred people are converging (heh) on Marseille for a week-long event, filled with tech talks, policy, discussions about the future (and past) of the Internet, questions and comments and statements, cheese and a lot of socializing with like-minded people. Below you will find my record and impressions of this trip, together with a few photos and links to other write-ups.

20180530 | net | #conference #notes #story


I've been having a lot of fun recently with Docker containers, from packaging and running my own Python scripts, to building the Pocket Internet proof of concept at the recent RIPE Hackathon and, finally, designing a solution for integrating a multi-datacentre, multi-environment Docker Swarm with a Cisco ACI fabric and the rest of the network for one of my customers. Below you will find my notes accumulated from going through official documentation, blog posts and experimentation in the lab.

20171127 | sys | #docker #notes #linux